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First Time Home Buyer?

Resources & Advice for Rent to Own Home Buying

Researching the options of being a home owner and discovering the right house is a rather exciting time in one's existence. It is crucial to be as prepared as you possibly can through the process. First, here's some advice for the groundwork it takes to get into a rent to own option.

1. Credit Matters

Some of the most critical details that could pinpoint how large or reduced your rates of interest are the credit rating. Regardless how prepared you sense, understanding and actively wanting to boost your credit rating is vitally significant.

2. So Does the Economy

Many people, within the last few years, who've been caught in the cross-fire of a depressed economy and slow job market have decided to seek expert credit fix support. Having a greater credit rating, buyers change the marketplace in their favor by facilitating stronger dialogue terms for rates of interest and housing costs. It will always be a good idea to reassess your credit rating with a person who understands how to totally comprehend how credit operates.

Rent to Own Resources:

Here are some tools that will help you kickstart your rent to own journey.

Home Listings

Homebidz Directory - This site gives you access to rentals, foreclosure listings, and new homes in your area. Get hooked up with the latest listings delivered right to your door.

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Resource - Even though rent to own options doesn't require a 20% down payment, you'll still be in need of some capital to get into the home of your choice. If you don't have enough in savings, there are some other options to get you started.

Homeowner's Education

Hope to Own - the H.O.P.E. program has helped people who didn't think they ever could get into homes. Education is key when you're a first time home buyer.

First Time Home Buyer?

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